Rose Quartz Lamp
Rose Quartz Lamp

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Rose Quartz Lamp

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Rose Quartz polished stones

In PVC coasted wire basket for long wear

With Australian approved 220- 240-volt electrical lead and 15 watt lamp bulb

Please note when adding the Gemstones to your basket its best to place larger pieces on bottom and smaller pieces on top.

Some pieces might fall through the wire so just reposition to settle the gems
Total weight 5 kilos

rose quartz for attracting love.

Rose Quartz is a stone that helps in restoring energy. is a stone that helps enhance ability for psychic awareness and is a stone that reduces negativity. It aids in bring harmony. It also helps and promote powerful physical relationships. Quartz is also known to enhance and energise other crystal sand is also known as a master healer stone and z is also known to enhance spiritual growth and inspires creativity


WEIGHT 4.5 kg
DIMENSIONS 18 × 18 × 15 cm