Square tea light burner
Square tea light burner

Square tea light burner

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White on white and white on black tealight square wooden burner with ceramic dish. 

Always ensure you use an oil burner with a standard 19mm unscented tea light candle when using. Never use a scented tea light or a non standard 19mm tea light. 

Place a scented soy melt cube into the dish of the oil burner and light the candle underneath. The fragrance will start working as the cube melts. 

Place your oil burner on a heat proof surface away from drafts, windows, pets and children. 

Never touch or move the oil burner while the candle is lit as it may be hot. Always extinguish the candle underneath and wait until the wax hardens before moving. 

Never leave the room while the oil burner candle is lit. If the scent becomes to strong extinguish the candle under the oil burner right away, want a few hours and light again. 

If using fragrance oils or essential oils in your oil burner it's best to fill the ceramic bowl up with water and add a few drops of oil (or more) then light the candle underneath and there you go. Always make sure the bowl has water in it so that oil don't burn and damage your bowl.