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Gemstone Lamps

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  • Last stock! Six Arm Display Wildlife Theme  - Glowing Glass - Lamp

    Six Arm Display Wildlife Theme - Glowing Glass - Lamp

    1 in stock

    Glowing Glass - Lamp Our signature glowing glass candle holders are simply lovely to look at during the day and wonderfully lit like stained glass at night. The Glowing Glass candle holders are hand made from quality polymer clay over glass, making a stained-glass effect that is bright, strong and enduring. Many of our designs are exclusive and range from nature, flowers and animals to international cities, Australian icons or beach

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  • Last stock! Natural Amethyst Crystal Lamp - 3.3kg

    Natural Amethyst Crystal Lamp - 3.3kg

    1 in stock

    Natural Amethyst with stunning cluster at the front. Rough back. Drilled hole at the bottom for electric cord. Prefect idea for home décor. This purchase Includes an Australian Standard (220-240V) power cord and a warming glowing light bulb. Our lamp fittings have extra features with a 1.90m long cord compared to industry standard 1.5m. Made in Brazil. You can also use different coloured LED bulbs in this lamp. We stock White, Red, Green, Blue and Purple LED Bulbs.

    1 in stock


  • Citrine Rough Amore Lamp

    Citrine Rough Amore Lamp

    2 in stock

    Citrine crystal lamps are a unique and beautiful way to bring the uplifting energy of citrine into your living space. Citrine, often referred to as the "Merchant's Stone," is a variety of quartz known for its warm, golden color. These lamps are typically carved from natural citrine crystals and come in various sizes and shapes. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, citrine crystal lamps are believed to possess several metaphysical properties. Many people associate citrine with abundance, prosperity, and positivity. It is thought to stimulate creativity, boost self-confidence, and dispel negative energies. When used as a lamp, citrine can create a warm and welcoming ambiance, making it an ideal addition to meditation spaces, offices, or any room where you'd like to infuse positive energy. Some also claim that citrine crystal lamps can help with emotional balance and promote a sense of well-being. Whether you believe in the metaphysical properties or simply enjoy their radiant glow, citrine crystal lamps serve as both a decorative and potentially beneficial addition to your home decor. This purchase includes an Australian approved 220-240 volt electrical cord and 15 watt lamp bulb (Warm glowing light). Please note when adding the Gemstones to your basket its best to place larger pieces on bottom and smaller pieces on top. Some pieces might fall through the wire so just reposition to settle the gems. Perfect idea for home decor. Total weight: 5kg Images shown are for illustration purpose.

    2 in stock


  • Candle lamp - 450ML - BLUE- twin wicked

    Candle lamp - 450ML - BLUE- twin wicked

    4 in stock

    🌈✨ Illuminate your space with our enchanting Candle Lamp - a retro-styled, mushroom-shaped glass lamp that's as whimsical as it is functional! 🍄 Filled with our premium soy wax candle, scented with our signature high-quality fragrances, these lamps are the perfect decor piece to enlighten and fragrance your home. Whether you're looking to create a cozy ambiance or infuse your space with delightful aromas, our Candle Lamps have got you covered. Watch as the flame or sunlight shines through the pearlescent rainbow glass, casting unique shades of light and adding a touch of magic to any room. And when your candle has burned down, simply repurpose the lamp as a decorative vase and fill it with your favorite flowers for an extra pop of color and style. Each lamp is handcrafted with care in Lismore, NSW, ensuring that every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. With approximately 100 hours+ burn time and measuring 17cm in length and 15cm in width, these lamps are both beautiful and practical additions to your home decor. Experience the beauty and versatility of our Candle Lamps today and brighten up your space in style! ✨🕯️ #CandleLamp #HomeDecor #HandcraftedMagic 🌟🌼

    4 in stock


Gemstone Lamps


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