Welcome to the NAUGHTY CORNER! 

I offer 2 selections of AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED businesses in store and online! 

Freckleberry and Kellys Candy Co. 

Freckleberry: is a privately owned, Geelong based business that specializes

in creating delicious and innovatively packaged chocolate products.

The factory is located in South Geelong and features a factory outlet,

retail store where locals flock to grab bargains in seconds and discounted stock.

Freckleberry is now a household name for quality, style and originality.

Once you try the Belgian chocolate blend, you won't ever go back to compound chocolate ever again.

Customers across Australia love giving Freckleberry products as gifts and continue the tradition each year.

Freckleberry is quickly becoming a major player in the chocolate industry within Australia. 

Step inside a world of purely, delicious products and try Freckleberry for yourself. You won't be disappointed!!


Kellys Candy Co.

Kellys Candy Co. is a family owned Australian manufacturer based in Brisbane since 1981. They hand make their products utilising traditional confectionery techniques whilst using predominantly Australian ingredients. 

They take great pride in their history and are passionate about the quality of thier products.

When you buy a Kellys Candy Co. product, you are supporting a wholly Australian owned family business and local jobs.