R18 Chocolate - Ya Bawbag – The ‘Bonnie’ Box
R18 Chocolate - Ya Bawbag – The ‘Bonnie’ Box

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R18 Chocolate - Ya Bawbag – The ‘Bonnie’ Box

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The ‘Bonnie Box’ is our Scottish-themed Chocolate box. And what better way to recognise our tartan, kilt wearing warriors than to mould a chocolate piece after the very thing they like to swing around under that kilt, their BAW BAG!

Send any friend you may have, Scottish or otherwise, a chocolate box that proclaims that they’re a BAW BAG! (translates to Ball Bag or Scroutum in other dialects!).

The tartan box and cute ‘inspired by the beauty of Scotland’ slogan should be more than enough to make them think something beautifully delicate and delicious lies inside…..(they certainly wont suspect a chocolate ball sack inside!)

Made with only the finest couverture Belgian Chocolate, our chocolate baw bag will not only delight the eyes but the tastebuds as well!

Shipped anonymously from our secret-warehouse.